the internet will never replace traditional course books in schools.


The internet will never replace traditional course books in schools. How far do you agree with this prediction.

In today's modern and technological era, the teaching and learning methods have significantly changed. A number of schools and universities offer online learning courses where pupil areadmissible to study at their own pace over the internet. Many people support this new mode of learning, however some still believe that internet can never replace conventional pedagogical methods. In my point of view, high-tech learning resources are proved to be more effective in delivering the knowledge in present time. This essay will discuss why I think more people will switch to onlinedisciplinein the future.

First, it isessential to know that every learner has a different learning capacity and style, some are visual learners while others are kinesthetic learners. In the traditional classroom teaching all the students are taught on same the methodologywhich may not fit all. For example, auditory learner or the experimentallearner may not be appealed by book reading or black board lesson. Similarly, the solitary learning pupil may feel shy and less confident in group work. The online learning courses are designed to designed for students of varying abilities and skill. It is a self-paced learning approach that gives flexibility to the learner to adapt the learning method and pace according to their need.

Secondly, virtual classrooms are more accessible. Many times disable children are not fortunate to continue their education in mainstream schools due to labelling and bullying, also their health conditions cause hindrance in mobility in school corridors. Online education is a great relief for families with special need children. Synchronize and non-synchronize lessons give them opportunity to complete their education at their comfort levels.

To sum up, I think that prospect of online study is extremely bright, and a plethora of people will opt learning through internet. Books will be replaced by computers and blackboard with virtual board.