the growth of multinational companies and the resulting rise if globalization creates positive


The growth of multinational companies and the resulting rise if globalization creates positive effects for all. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Multinational companies are the group of various branches across the world that enhance the economy of the nation. Therefore, it is considered that being increased the growth of these companies brings benefits. I partially accord with this statement because it is advantageous as well as disadvantageous for the global world and I will describe my views in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, one of the vital benefit of having the multinational companies is the enhancement in the employment. For example, Apple is one of the world wide company which has many branches in various countries due to which approximately thousands of people work on high wages in this company. In addition to it, most of multinational companies have lots of budget because of which big amount of taxes are paid by them that makes the country financially strong.

On the other hand, some companies which are related to fast food such as Mc`donalds and KFC are disadvantageous because they adversely affect the both local business and environment. Since the hundreds of nations have so many branches of fast-food companies due to which local restaurants can not compete with them, the main reason is that their ability to offer cheap, uniform meals with low nutrition value to the local populace make it harder for them to turn the profit. Moreover, companies use air planes and heavy vehicles to transport the raw material and many other to and from their other branches because of which the exhausts of these vehicles affect the environment badly.

To conclude, although some companies have negative impacts on the nation however, overall it is good to welcome the world wide companies to mushroom the development of the country.