some school start teaching a foreign language in primary school years.


Some school start teaching a foreign language in primary school years. Do advantages of a teaching language to young children outweigh the disadvantage? give your own opinion and examples.

International language can open the multiple door of a success for students. A number of a people reckon that a number of Schools commence to studying foreign language as early year of a school. I believe that learning non-native language is brings more merits to child at a primary school outweighed the demerits.

On the one hand, School should start teaching foreign language early as a child have a more brain capacity to learn. To explain furthermore, children can learning anything at the tiny age and this ability would be declined when they turn in adult. For example, California revealed data that, child's mind is being powerful as they can remember anything for a long time at the age of eight earlier. Second remedy is, student have a hesitation to speak new language among the class. That means, if youngsters would attain lectures about international language then they become familiar with such kind of language, and they might not be paused while speaking. Thus, it is certainly inevitable to learn at a younger age.

In contrast, there are few demerits to studying at early age. Firstly, children might be felt burden of education. By this we mean that, already children tolerate lengthy circular as well as new activity increase concern on my mind consequently, they cannot adjust in a new environment. Therefore, it leads to anxiety and effect on a child's academic career.

To conclude, learning a new language is need to practice and take more time hence, children have ample capacity and extra time to obtain excel in this performance. However, it also becomes burden on the children tiny shoulder which make them debilitate in a future.