some people say that you can learn more about another country by watching television programmes


Some people say that you can learn more about another country by watching television programmes and films about it than by actually visiting it. How true is this statement? Is there anything you can learn about another country by visiting it that cannot learn by watching programmes and films about it?

Nowadays, when learning about a country is more easier by television programs, there are some suspense between visiting directly and indirectly. The reason to explain for it is both of them have their own benefits.

I can understand why so many people choose studying about a country by vital sources of information like films, television programs. In a modern society, it's very necessary for the government to introduce their country to the world, it helps them make money from the tourism. Therefore, they find media is a good way. But now, lots of people is still keeping the idea that if you want to learn, you have to visit that country, so they quickly overlooked the benefits of watching TV programs which help us widen our knowledge. To be honest, I find it really convenient and cheap to discover about the big things like these countries. We can easily go to some corner of the world by the flying camera and some modern equipment that used to record. But it doesn't have only advantages, there are some drawbacks. But the most stand out is some details are changed untrue.

On the other hand, travelling directly to that country is also not a bad choice. We can experience by ourselves, that make the trip more interesting and exciting. Not only that, it make us remember the things we had discovered longer and more effective. Besides, when we go to a country, we can learn more about life, culturals and the local there in the most honest way.

In my view, the best way to understand more about a country is visiting it. Some things which aren't being published on the television will prevent us from learning about it clearly.