some people say that instead of preventing climate change we should find a way to live with it.


Some people say that instead of preventing climate change we should find a way to live with it . Agree or disagree.

In this contemporary world, numerous voices claim that, it is better to find an answer of climate deviation rather than curbing it. I totally dissent with this debatable logic owing to, certain reasons. This essay will analyze various aspects with relevant illustrations prior to, arriving at a logical conclusion.

Technology has the potential to eliminate the rocket speed of atmosphere variation. Nowadays, with the assistance of solar cars the demand of fuel is diminished drastically and if there are no petrol based vehicles then, humans can expunge environmental concern. Moreover, due to, the rising utilization of solar energy in ample of households, reliability of non-renewable resources are declined. This can be exemplified by Dubai's approach. Dubai which is in the UAE, is offering extremely price drops on solar based products and in light of that fact, that city has low pollution intake in year 2020.

Surviving with small possibility of weather change, can be troublesome for older public and because of that fact, they will have to face health diseases. Not only older ones but youngsters also ought to face future pandemics and it would be hazardous only if individuals give their concurrence to spend their lives within the roof of problems. Furthermore, adapting alternative options which can terminate atmosphere problem are supremely beneficial for humans. For instance, Norway banned utilization of vehicles in order to, fall the proportion of pollution, Still, pollution is increasing only daily basis and as a consequence, people are tolerating delays in transportations.

To recapitulate, living a life in the distinct way with chances of climate change may have negligible advantages. However, I assert that, if alternative options of fossil fuel may bring the positive effects and it would succor natives too.