some people believe that it is essential to include physical education classes in the curriculum


Some people believe that it is essential to include Physical Education classes in the curriculum for all school-age. Others think that children’s time is better spent on more academic subjects. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is important to consider the physical development of children that go to school. While many people think physical education is vital and should be a part of the school curriculum, others argue that children should concentrate more on academic modules. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and state my opinion.

On the one hand, the most pressing issue of today’s young generation is that they spent too much time on mobile phone and television. As a result, children lack the adequate physical exercise they need in order to enhance their growth, which is essential. Therefore, many people support the idea of including physical education classes in the school curriculum. Furthermore, studies have proved that physical activity improves academic performance. For this reason, children who are less academically orientated are likely to score better in school.

On the other hand, people argue that children should spend more time on academic studies as it plays an essential role in today’s modern era. This is because the demand for graduates has significantly increased than ever before. Due to a more competitive world, getting into colleges or securing a job has been challenging. Apart from this, technological advancement has created immense pressure on children to be educated enough to sustain this high-tech world. Thus, children in school need to perform better in academia. Also, if children excel in their academic modules, they will be offered employment with more salary, which will brighten their future.

To conclude, it is inevitable to overlook the role of academia in children’s lives, as it helps them function in today’s society. However, physical education cannot be underestimated as it aids in the growth of children. Therefore, I firmly believe that schools should establish a balanced curriculum, including academic and physical education modules.