some people argue that communication through internet is the best way, however, others think


Some people argue that communication through internet is the best way, however, others think that face-to-face is far more beneficial

The discussion about whether the internet considered by society as an utmost practice in terms of keeping in touch or face-to-face method in a rapidly changing world raises a thorny question. Although it can be argued that the focus should be on making online communication, I strongly believe that using direct interaction in the light of people could be acknowledged as a vital phenomenon.

There are several reasons why it is vitally important for society to make use of internet as a way of communication. First and foremost, it could be argued that handling a global computer network to touch with others could possibly bring about access to the globe, and it would appear that there are wide ranges of rewarding as well as unmatched factors of the internet such as instructional video clips, tutorials or various blogs which allow people to evolve their cast of mind. Viewed from this angle, if people are tempted to advance their way of thinking, in this case, they are most likely to promote educational web-based conversations that push for an increase of IQ rating in the country. Another important reason could be thought that communicating through interconnected netting system would probably encourage an off-spring generation to pick up foreign languages, and it is evident that the overwhelming majority of people tend to get interaction with foreigners via social networking sites including Facebook, skype as well as twitter which enable them to get interaction with each other in diverse locations. As a result of this, in case people are stimulated to keep in touch with aliens in assorted sites, in a sense, they are on the verge of boosting a sense self-satisfaction that is vitally essential for a happier society. For example, it has been shown that in my neighborhood one boy as learned Russian language in virtue of having a chat with female inhabitants of that country in short bursts.

Despite the above arguments that some people substantiate the view that contacting through the internet, I tend to believe that the focus should be on preferring face-to-face conversations in the form of society. Initially granted, it could be asserted that using direct interaction should definitely ensure people to gain a sense of confidence so that the vast majority of people aim to express their emotions involving love, fury, anxiety as well as desire which help them to interpret themselves more accurately that is utterly important for human nature. From this point of view, providing that people are inspired to be secure, in this respect, they are on the point of perceiving gratifying. Another key stricking point is that utilizing point-blank conversations might absolutely make huge progress in people’s oratorical skills, and it is clear that the immerse majority of students referring to make use of not only words but also various gestures, in particular, movement of arms, hands as well as other parts of body which compel them to have a viable impact on people. Consequently, provided that society is motivated to combine both elements of communication, in this way, they are on the brink of performing an ideal presentation in their future life that is of great importance to forthcoming career. For instance, in China researchers found evidence that main Limited Liability Companies accept the projects presentations of which have been made with a combination of gesture and speech in terms of face-to-face communication.

In conclusion, despite the fact that it is in the hands of people to have a close connection via the internet has positive sides, I am inclined to consider that pros of conversing face-to-face outnumber.