some believe that eventually all jobs will be done by artificially intelligent robots.


Some believe that eventually all jobs will be done by artificially intelligent robots. What is your opinion?

It is the opinion of some people that artificially intelligent robots will take over all jobs. While some unskilled jobs can be replaced by these robots, jobs that require human skills and contact cannot be replaced. In my opinion, most jobs, rather than highly skilled ones, can be replaced by robots powered by artificial intelligence.

In the future, companies will prefer using robots or artificial intelligence over humans. The cost of training, hiring and employing humans is more expensive than investing in automated machines. Also, robots work 24*7 without rest or pay which is an advantage over hiring employees. Some supermarkets in Australia have replaced cashiers with automated billing machines. For this reason humans in menial jobs will be replaced by robots.

That being said, super specialized or skilled jobs is not easy to automate. No matter the technological advances, professions that needs human contact like doctors, dentists or nurses should not be replaced. For example, in recent years robotic surgeries has taken the medical world by storm. However, these robots are under the complete control of humans. Independent surgery by robots is impossible and highly dangerous, as a robot can never have the intuition or experience of a surgeon. As, robots cannot replicate the human factor in these fields, these jobs should be done by humans.

Artificial intelligence is getting highly advanced, invading into all aspects of our life. Although most menial jobs can be take over by robots, some jobs are best left to humans. For this reason, most human jobs can be automated in the near future