life has become much more stressful compared to our parent’s generation.


life has become much more stressful compared to our parent’s generation. As a result, stress related illnesses are increasing around the world. Why is stress such a problem in the modern world and what do you think can be done to overcome the problems caused by stress?

Life has much become much more difficult than the past. This had led to increased stress related to illnesses around the globe. Stress has become a problem in today’s world because of various reasons. In this essay, these reasons and solutions will be analyzed carefully before arriving to a logical conclusion.

In today’s fast-pace world, having a stable career plays a fundamental contribution to person’s tension. To be more specific, the competition in the employment is so intensive, whereas they get no personal time to refresh their mind and go outside with their friends or family members to have memories with them. The people feel so isolated as they do not know with whom they can share their feelings due to which they get into depression. In terms of students, having a good studying result could be considered as a reasonable reason leading to stress. Recently, young generation are being put pressure on their shoulder by their parents. In addition, some parents are busy earning money so they do not have time for their children, widening the gap between family members.

As a solution to this social catastrophe, governments should enact some efforts to improve laws to restrict the working hours and push employers to improve the working environment for their employees. Furthermore, financial aids to needy people and mentorship and therapy programs for already sufferers are needed. Finally and most importantly, having a proper work life balance which means we, as individuals should be more prudent in our lifestyle choices, expenses, savings and retirement plan, and spend quality time with our family to eliminate stress and tension.

In conclusion, stress is a silent killer and impedes our performance, deteriorates our health and destroys our relationship. Fortunately, this issues could be dealt by having a work life balance as well as the financial support from the governments