last 20 years tthere is significant development in the it sector


last 20 years tthere is significant development in the IT sector

Last 2 decade has shows the enormous progress in the advancement of IT department that has change the life of people. However, Some expert believe that it will be having detrimental effect on people life. From my perspective I majorly disagree with this point of view and my inclination are discussed in the ensuing paragraph. To commence with the advantage of IT The foremost one is the development in the communication sector, introduction of email has made the life of professional more easy as they can send any information or detail to anyone around the world easier, faster and more secure because it is end to end encrypted that does not allow intruder to access the source. Furthermore, The World Wide Web (WWW) means that people can gain the knowledge from each and every field weather it is news, Medical advice or even online education is also done with the help of internet. To illustrate, with the advancement in IT sector enables businessman to start their own business on internet by creating their own page like Go Daddy. Com. On the contrary, it has few negative side. To embark with, the new style of communication that is widely used by people that is Email will destroy the traditional style of communication such as through letter writing or telephone conversation or through face to face communication. All this will decline the ability to socialised and interact with other people. Moreover, the large size of web page make it difficult to regulate and control. This create many problem specially student who access the unwanted or wrong side that has negative impact on their thought processing and behaviour.