in some countries the widespread use of internet has given people more freedom to work or study


In some countries the widespread use of internet has given people more freedom to work or study at home instead of travelling to work or college. Do the advantages outweigh disadvantages?

Technology has taken a huge place in this modern world. Nowadays, due to the technological advancement people around the planet can choose to work and study at their own space rather than driving to college or their workplace. In my opinion, the strengths definitely outweigh the weaknesses of this case.

Let us begin by looking at the advantages of working and studying from home. Firstly, it will reduce the emissions. Due to the fact, there will be no need of using their private cars to drive to the company they are working, which results to no emissions. In addition to that, it also contributes on reducing the traffic on the roads. Secondly, the residents who work and study from home can explore other skills. Undeniably, working from home can eliminate the time pressure and will give you a beneficial mind of finishing your tasks at time. Because of being home, you can try to cook and make food for yourself and feel happy about the accomplishment.

Turning to the other side of the argument, there are also numerous drawbacks of staying home for work or study. To begin with, the main disadvantage will be less socialization with others, we know the fact that human interaction contributes a great factor for minimizing stress. After long and tiring hours in workplace, people will always find a way to ‘unwind’ and talk about the problems they are facing however, it will be less likely to happen if the learners and employees will start working from home. According to Harvard study, 69 percent of the workers prefer to come to office to work over in their own home mostly because of no human interaction. On top of that, many struggles with coping individually; there is no doubt that collectivism leads to a better outcome of projects, especially if the team is determined. A lot will struggle to accomplish their duties most especially those who rely on team works.

To conclude, this essay discussed what are the benefits and drawbacks of working and studying home. While many might see this trend as adverse for them, In my opinion, there is no doubt that the beneficial outcome of this dilemma outweighs.