in many countries, prision is the most common solution for crimes however, many think that education


In many countries,prision is the most common solution for crimes However,many think that education is best way to prevent commiting people from.commiting further crime.To what extent agree or disagree.

Education is most useful weapon, which can use to change the future. I strongly agree with education is the best effective path to prevent people from committing further crime. Here I will explain my views in the further paragraphs.

To begin with, there is abundance of reasons behind why education is the most crucial to stop the illegal activity. The prominent one is to give the good guidance. To elaborate, If the government start to teach them related to useful in their life. In addition, Also try to provide some practical knowledge to them. Consequently, it will help them to get jobs, while they will be released from prison. For example, time of India reveals that Japan government provide the training to offender and make them Knowledgable and human being.

Secondly, when offender learn about technology and culture, they will easily divert towards it and get more interest to learn more things. Hence, they will be get the opportunity to work with multinational company. For instance, Hollywood star tony shark, he used to sell the drug, when he was 14 years, but now he become the greatest actor in the world.

On the other hand, sometime criminal misused their skill to do crime. As a result, it may have harmful to the society. For exemplify, 17 years old boy, he is hack the bank account code and transfer all the money to charity trust.

To conclude, Every circumstance has the pros and cons. It is the depends on person tendency and capability. I recommend, government should teach the criminal and make them astonishing human.