in many countries, paying for things using mobile phone apps is becoming increasingly common.


In Many countries, paying for things using Mobile Phone Apps is becoming increasingly common. Does this development have more advantages or more disadvantages ?

The trend of paying through E-wallets (Mobile Payments Apps) is currently increasing in many parts of the world. Nevertheless, People will often struggle with technical and network issues while using such apps in smart phones, but still it has benefited mankind in plethora of ways including cash-free online transactions and a seamless purchase experience. In my opinion, payments are far better off paid through E-Wallets despite the challenges that one will inevitably face. This essay will discuss this in detail in forthcoming paragraphs. (83 words)

Highlighting the advantages, the primary one which is worth mentioning is that Account holder can use his money in most convenient and seamless way for buying goods and services if they have such single app in phone to access his multiple bank cards and accounts in just a short span of time. Additionally, such apps encourage society to be digitized and entirely cashless that would have been impossible otherwise if they had not had Electronic wallets and E-payments. For Instance, In India during demonetization, E-wallet called Paytm became increasingly common and ending up by making people habitual of E-payments due to unavailability of cash. Consequently, these ultra-convenient experiences are the greatest advantage of paying through Mobile Apps.

Sifting towards darker aspects, it cannot be denied that Network and Technical problems are the main challenges one could face using E-wallets. Since, People need complete reach to internet and security pins to access the bank services, there a situation could be occurred when E-wallet user unable to get through it even in emergency situations. To elucidate, we can consider an example of Failures in Servers and Software of Banks and Network Operators which could make it worse. Thus, these uncertain challenges may divert people from using Online Payment methods.

Use of Online Payment Methods has become incredibly common. Undoubtedly, one will face some technological and web barriers but here merits over-weigh the demerits of this development. As a contradiction of sorts, despite having hardships with these Electronic Payments methods, the gain of comfort and ease in shopping is much more beneficial.