do you think than physical activities should be introduced to schoolchildren on regular basis?


Do you think than physical activities should be introduced to schoolchildren on regular basis? Explain, what kind of sports are the most useful?

It is very important for holistic development of a child that regular exercise should be the part of their routine. The best way to do that is to be start from their schooling time. There are a lot of sports which can keep students physically and mentally fit. Same is going to be discussed in following paragraph.

To begin with, it is clear that activities helps a lot to remain someone fit as mentioned herein before. Schools with have enough area can introduce many outdoors games like cricket, football, basket ball and so on. which can assist student to maintain their body and life in structured way. For instance, outdoor games in schools can teach team work skills which students can learn at early age. Moreover, regular activities from younger age make students fit and help to improve their stamina. Furthermore, it will help them to avoid many diseases like obesity, cardiovascular problems in later life.

On the other hand, Schools which do not have space for outdoor games or activities as stated above, can introduce indoor games as well like table tennis, chess and many more. Indoor games can help students to make mentally strong. To illustrate, games like chess help students to learn strategy skills which will prove good to plan situations accordingly. Additionally, it will help them to build their concentration. Regular activities on particular time will set an example in building them punctual.

To conclude, I strongly agree that regular activities should be part of daily life of every child, consequently that they can keep them fit physically as well as mentally. And the same will help them to learn significant skills for their rest of life.