children are facing more pressure nowdays from academic, social and commercial perspectives.


Children are facing more pressure nowdays from academic,social and commercial perspectives .What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these presures?

We are living in to the technological era. All are busy with their life either youngers or a children. both the age group’s people have their own responsibility like parents are busy with their professional life. Moreover, they have responsibility of their house and their child. On the contrary, according to one article, children are having more pressure nowadays. They have to handle schools, friends, career, etc.

There are many causes of such kind of stress on the children. first one is, the ambition which was set by their family from the childhood. They learn their child that, you have to become a doctor when you will be grown up. I saw many countries like India, the parents are to much ambitious about their child. They force their children to be like how parents want. Second factor is, social life, specially the countries like India, people are very engaged socially with each other. The traditional culture and the ritual are the resistance for the children. In contrast, the country like Canada, there culture is far more away from such kind of rituals and traditions therefore, many children are migrating to other country for living the independent life. According to one survey, from last one decade, number of international student ration is increasing high.

To reduce the pressure, the parents should understand the liking and disliking of their children also give them freedom to do what they want to do.

To conclude it, it is the responsibility of parents as well as the children to be a stress less.