an international language would remove one of the main differences which separates people of


An international language would remove one of the main differences which separates people of different nationalities and this would lead to greater international understanding and co-operation. There should be one language which everyone agrees to learn and speak. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

There is no doubt that one international language would create better communication and bond between variouspeople around the world. There are many people who think that everyone should agree on speaking and learning one international language. But, in reality, can one mutual language benefit every individual?

To begin with, there are many arguments in favour of one international language. Firstly, one common language would make communicating with people worldwide quite easy. In fact, it would remove any conflicts and misunderstanding caused by regional language. Secondly, doing trade and business would be more convenient and quicker. For instance, people will no longer require translating documents and emails needed by countries with different languages. Finally, if people agreed to talk in the same language, it would be easier to interpret each other’s viewpoint, and as a result, people would co-operate effectively.

However, there are strong arguments against the introduction of one common language. It is claimed by experts that if people communicated more using international language, then many aspects of non-spoken language such as culture and heritage would disappear. This is because a country’s language and culture are closely associated. Furthermore, another downside would be the high teaching cost which would be incurred in reaching everybody the new language. Also, it is unethical to force everyone to use one common language. Moreover, if this rule is applied, it would be challenging to train illiterate people who are not able to read or write any language.

In conclusion, although speaking one international language has benefits such as ease of doing business and greater understanding, I believe it should not be imposed on people. Instead, they should expand their speaking ability to understand a foreign language.